Benjamin Tire   1202 N Gallatin Pike  Madison,TN37115   (615) 540-0095
Benjamin Tire
1202 N Gallatin Pike
MadisonTN 37115
 (615) 540-0095
Benjamin TireWe handle tire patching, tire plugs, tire repair, strip lug nut repair, wheel lock removal, and much more! (615) 540-0095
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Tire Shop Nashville TN

Having a reliable set of tires is imperative in getting you safely down the road. Let's face it -- It doesn't matter if it's a sporty Lamborghini Aventador, a heavy-duty Hummer H2, or a tiny Smart Car, your vehicle is only as good as the wheels that it rolls on. And at Benjamin Tire, we can equip your vehicle with the exact products to fit your needs and your style. Whether you're going to be rolling down a hot asphalt highway, "off-roading" it in the muddy plains, or trekking through the frozen tundra of the Arctic, we've got you covered.

Our tire shop in Nashville, TN, carries a wide range of both used and new tires for nearly any vehicle you have. And we do a lot more than that. Repairs of all kinds are also our specialty. We want to make sure you're safe in all situations and are always prepared for any possibility. 


  • Flat tire repairs
  • New and used tires
  • Stripped lug nut repair
  • Tire patching/plugs
  • Wheel lock removal
You can count on our years of experience and attention to detail to ensure your ride will be equipped with the exact products you need. Call Benjamin Tire today at (615) 540-0095 for an appointment.

We opened our Tire Shop in 2016.

We are located at 1202 N Gallatin Pike, Madison, TN.

Send us Your Tire Size/ Specific Brand, or Message us for more info on our Tires!

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